On the Choir Itself

At the moment there are about 130 youngsters singing in our choir which consists of four different groups: first grade, B-choir, A-choir and youth choir. Our spring concert, the Christmas concert in Philharmonie Essen and our 7-day long field trip during the October holidays count among the annual highlights of choir life.

Entrance and education / formation:

When entering the choir children have to perform different tasks like singing a song of their own choice or imitating melodies or simple rhythms.

Once the children have passed the exam, they enter first grade where they learn to experience and express their own voice during singing games. After a second exam the children pass on to B-Chor.

Next to elementary knowledge of intervals and reading music the children learn basic choral movements. Moreover, every child receives individual singing lessons with special regard to the possibilities of the young voices. At the end of another year and a third exam the children pass on to A-choir.

The members of A-choir together with the girls of youth choir form what we call the concert choir that takes part in all of the concerts and recordings that our choir participates in.

Between the age of 15 and 16 the girls pass on to youth choir. The boys take a break for vocal reasons. They are however invited to participate in all our activities during that time in order to stay in close contact with the choir. Once their voice has broken, they are reintegrated and join youth choir.